Two Way Communication

Intrepid is a design build system provider of two way communication systems used in several code driven locations;

    • CBC Section 1009.8 requires a two way communication system at the landing of each elevator or bank of elevators on accessible floor that is one or more stories above or below the level of exit discharge.
    • CBC Section 403.5.3.1 requires a telephone or other two way communication system at not less than every 5th floor in each stairwell where the doors to the stairway are locked.
    • CBC Section 1009.6.5, 10099.8.1 and 1009.8.2 Apply to areas of refuge that shall be provided with two way communications
    • CBC Section 1010.1.9.12 requires a two way communication system from each locked elev lobby to the 24 hour staffed location onsite.
    • NFPA 72 Chapter 24.10 outlines the methodology of how the systems shall be installed.

Our experienced team of designers and installers have refined the products and installation methods to reduce the challenges that the different types of systems can cause.

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