Central Station monitoring

Intrepid-Net utilizes AES-IntelliNet, the fastest and most reliable alarm communications mechanism, to monitor and protect structures. Intrepid-Net is system of AES subscribers spread across the Bay Area and the South Bay.  Signals sent from a monitored alarm panel use Intrepid-Net as a travel route until confirmed delivery at a monitoring station. Such a process is done within seconds as Intrepid maintains high system and network integrity. Our network is expansive and allows for quick and effective responses to emergency situations. Intrepid-Net also allows consumers to access the actions of their subscribers via web portal and mobile applications at all times.

Intrepid Monitoring  Services and Solutions: 

  • Web portal access
  • Mobile access 
  • AES smart subscriber installation 
  • Removes sunset clause
  • Replaces land-lines and cell towers

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